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Pousada Santa Clara

Pantanal Pousada  & Camping Santa Clara

The Santa Clara lodge was built from a traditinal family , which has existed for many years, and has been honoring the regional features of the Pantanal on the farm, the lodge itself has its heart and personality. In harmony with the accommodation, the old Santa Clara farm is still alive, hand in hand with nature and along with its natural wonders, this coexistence between scarce human inhabitants of the Pantanal and its highly bio-diversificated environment has always been an important feature in the taking of Pantanal as a special place.

The Santa Clara farm has been a pioneer in ecotourism for the Pantanal Sul region and has gradually transformed into a lodge. Under its current management, it was restructured in 2003 and is already totally focused on ecotourism. The lodge occupies an area of ​​1,700 ha, well preserved in its natural state.

 Santa Clara Eco-Lodge respects the environment, preserves nature whenever possible and does not capture or touch wildlife.

The end of your program is organized by your native guide according to our logistics and the weather conditions the guide will inform the whole itinerary of the day to day, and will show the best way to seek wildlife without a doubt.

Despite the difficulties imposed by the natural conditions that make Pantanal unique, the infrastructure of our hostel offers a degree of comfort according to international standards. The Pousada Santa Clara stands out for the variety in options for lodging according to the preference of each visitor.

For your stay, we offer you the choice between three accommodation classes; Private rooms, dormitories or camping. (Simple, more comfortable!)

Whatever your preference of lodging, your stay at the Pousada includes three excellent daily meals and a complete and varied program of excursions and tours accompanied by professional bilingual guides, all with a great knowledge of the local wildlife.

In addition to the tours, guests enjoy a range of leisure options such as bar, swimming pool with large outdoor seating area, volleyball court and badminton, soccer field, games room and tv / dvd


  • Day 01 : Arrival in Campo Grande  reception from Pantanal Eco trips team
  • Leaving to Pantanal at 09:30 -1O;OO from the Hotel or Campo Grande airport / pit stop Miranda for lunch.
  • Check in Pantanal – break time – activities starting at the same day – once the arrival happen at 03:00 pm
  • Dinner / overnight.
  1. Sequence of the follow days.
  • All activities will be done as it’s described below – not mentioning the Chronological order but will be delivered.
  • Last day: breakfast morning - activity – lunch –break time – leaving at 02:30 – arrival Campo Grande at 07:00 pm.

       Descriptive of Pantanal Tour:

  1. Included in to Pantanal tour.
  2. Private or dormitory  room as accommodation.
  • Full board in the Pantanal.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All activities mentioned.
  • Transfer in/out: Campo Grande/ Pantanal /Campo Grande or Campo Grande – Pantanal – Bonito or Campo Grande –  Pantanal -  Corumbá.
  1. Not Included :
  • Drinks, phone calls, laundry,
  • Private Transportation - Check it with us.
  • Meals during the transfer.
  1. About what to wear or bring:
  • Swimsuit, towel, cap, hat, shoes, or flip flop, insect repellent, sunscreen,
  • Mandatory use of sneakers (or similar) in Tours as trails, Safari, etc.. For other activities comfortable clothes and shoes (or similar) comfortable.
  • Good spirit, peaceful and happy heart to see and feel the magic of nature offers to you.
  • Not necessary yellow fever shot – malarias pills  either .


Below the activities elaborated to spot the best of flora and fauna. Birds - and mammals of many species and chronological order.

The Pantanal horse is a genetic adaptation of the Andalucian horses brought by the Spanish on the 16th. Able to eat flooded grasses on keeping oxygen into his huge lung, the horses are the most versatile way to explore the World’s largest wetland, through areas that neither by feet nor by canoe could be trespassed. we named the Pantanal horse as ‘Low & Slow’ and 90% of our travelers have their alive first horse experience here, which makes it even more unforgettable.

Night adventure spotting wildlife: you may track animals by nocturnal behavior and exploring the mysterious of the night Pantanal.

In order to assist you in planning your visit to the Pantanal within your available time, we  standardized 02 complete itineraries thats includes:

- Accommodation

- lMeals  in Pantanal

- Tours and Activities

-  Guide Englsih speaking

- Transfer (Round trip) * IN/OUT.- Campo Grande - Pantanal - Campo grande or we drop you in Bonito / Corumba in case you are planning to visit Bolivia.

- WiFi

For Single traveller , Couples and Small Families, or simply for those who prefer not to give up their privacy, we have 13 comfortable private rooms divided into singles, doubles and triples and quadruples (and with the choice between double beds and single or bunk bed) complete with Bathroom, Air Conditioning and TV, all windows are protected with anti-mosquito screen to ensure your rest.

DORMITORY . Our 07 dormitories with bunk beds and with capacities for 5 to 8 people are indicated par excellence for small and larger groups, families and for those who make of their stay a pleasant coexistence with other lovers of the beauties of the Pantanal.

For the greater comfort, also the dormitories are equipped with Air Conditioning, Bathrooms totally protected with anti-mosquito screen

Tour Chronological order.

DAY 1 Assistance at the Campo Grande Airport / Bus Station and transfer in VAN REGULAR (5 hours) or by private car (3h30min) to the Piranhas Buraco, where Parque Pantanal Road starts. At the Buraco das Piranhas - Pantanal entrance  where a farm van adapted for ecological walks (with seats in the body) will be waiting for you and will take you to the Pousada (1 to 2 hours). Within the Park Road you will already have the opportunity to observe some species of the Pantanal Fauna. Check in at Pousada & Camping Santa Clara, rest of the afternoon free to know the place, and rest. I suggest that you walk to the Farm Camping Area to get to know the Rio Abobral and see how magical the sunset in the Pantanal is. Dinner (J). Overnight at chosen accommodation (camping / dorm / private).


DAY 2 - Boat trip along the Abobral River to observe animals. This tour is made by boat of 6 meters with capacity for 08 people, which allows a greater approximation with the aquatic fauna and flora. The river Abobral is a small river, of dark and very calm waters, that empties in the Paraguay river, the greater river of the Pantanal. In the stretch of the River Abobral where the walk is carried out almost no traffic of other boats that are not the hostel, that is, the greater the chance to see animals. The tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours. It is also possible to make stops to swim in the river and to cool off from the heat.- Horseback riding through the fields and capons of the farm. Pantanal horses are adapted to the Pantanal's climatic variations, allowing you to reach the most difficult places, no matter if the place is flooded or dry. In this tour you will have the opportunity to explore the fauna, flora and livestock developed in the region. Overnight at chosen accommodation (camping / dorm / private).

DAY 3 - Piranhas fishing in ponds, bays or the Abobral river. The locality of the fishery will be defined in the Pousada according to the climatic conditions of the Pantanal. This activity lasts from 2 to 3 hours. If a good quantity of piranhas is fished it is possible to take them to the Pousada so that a broth is prepared or fried for tasting. - Photographic Safari in open car and adapted for the realization of walks. The tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours and is performed early or late in the afternoon, as in these periods the chances of animal observation are higher, since the ambient temperature is milder, favoring the movement of the fauna by the region . After the first part of the safari will be made a stop for a walk of approximately 1h30min through the fields of the Pantanal. On the return of the safari will be made a Night Focus using a powerful flashlight connected to a battery that allows the easy localization of animals of nocturnal habits, like alligators, owls, curiangos, etc. Overnight at chosen accommodation (camping / dorm / private). (B, L, D)

DAY 4 - Ecological walks on the farm. In this tour you have great chances to get very close to the animals, because there is no noise coming from engines, cars, etc. If the Pantanal is full you will take a walk through the flooded fields and into the capões (higher lands with a closed forest), which serve as a refuge for various species of animals and the famous monkeys. The duration of the walk varies from 2 to 4 hours depending on group arrangement and climatic conditions. After lunch transfer from the Pousada to the Buraco das Pirnhas - Pantanal way out.  to board the regular VAN (15 hours) or private car to Campo Grande or Bonito

In case of tight schedule  we suggest a stay 2 nights where you can perform:

  • Nocturnal Spot Wild Life
  • Boat Trip,.
  • Horse-Riding,
  1. Which may vary according to the preferences of our guest, the availability whithin our schedules as well as the weather/seasonal conditions.

For the longer  experience and and enjoy  your visitation, we suggest a stay of 03 nights, which the visitor will participate in all activities as.