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Marsh Deer Tour at the Sao Joao Eco farm

Tour Marsh Deer 3 days - 2 nights -Sao Joao Eco farm

Explore the Estrada parque    , the Pantanal’s most popular destination, the Estrada parque road is one of the best wildlife viewing areas in the region, here you can admire the flora and fauna of the Brazilian Pantanal. Declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, this vast area of wet marshlands and dry islands is South America’s primary wildlife sanctuary. The name of the region derives from the Portuguese word “pântano,” meaning “swamp.” With rhythmic regularity, this vast depression in the center of South America floods with the annual rains, submerging most of its environs. As the waters recede during the dry season, they leave a mosaic of pools and marshes where a plethora of life flourishes in intense concentration. Some 3,500 different plants thrive here as well as nearly 700 bird species, 100 kinds of mammals, 80 reptile species and 260 different kinds of fish.

  • Day 01 : Arrival in Campo Grande  reception from Pantanal Eco trips team
  • Leaving to Pantanal at 10:00 from the Hotel or Campo Grande airport / pit stop Miranda for lunch.
  • Check in Pantanal – break time – activities starting at the same day – once the arrival happen at 03:00 pm
  • Dinner / overnight.
  1. Sequence of the follow days.
  • All activities will be done as it’s described below – not mentioning the Chronological order but will be delivered.
  • Last day: breakfast morning - activity – lunch –break time – leaving at 02:30 – arrival Campo Grande at 07:00 pm.



Descriptive of Pantanal Tour:

  1. Included in to Pantanal tour.
  •  DBL/ TPL or Dormitory/ Hammocks as accomodation
  • Meals  in the Pantanal.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All activities mentioned.
  • Transfer in/out: Campo Grande/ Pantanal /Campo Grande or Campo Grande – Pantanal – Bonito or Campo Grande –  Pantanal -  Corumbá.
  1. Not Included :
  • Drinks, phone calls, laundry,
  • Private Transportation - Check it with us.
  • Meals during the transfer.
  1. About what to wear or bring:
  • Swimsuit, towel, cap, hat, shoes, or flip flop, insect repellent, sunscreen,
  • Mandatory use of sneakers (or similar) in Tours as trails, Safari, etc.
  • For other activities comfortable clothes and shoes (or similar) comfortable.
  • Good spirit, peaceful and happy heart to see and feel the magic of nature offers to you.
  • Not necessary yellow fever shot – malarias pills  either .
       => To confirm your RESERVATION we need the full names, dates of birth passport numbers (foreign), airline, flight number, exact dates and times of arrival and departure from                   Campo Grande, nationality , gender .

      TOUR MARSH DEER   (03 days 02 nights) – 2019.

  • 02 nights accommodation;
  • 02 breakfast;
  • 02 lunchs;;
  • 02 dinners;
  • 01 Ecological walking with bird’s observation;.
  • 01 sun rise walking
  • 01 night walking
  • 01 horseback riding;
  • 01 Motor boat trip covering 2 rivers - Miranda River and Red River- starting at Passo do Lontra
  • 01 Piranha fishing;
  • English speaking guide.
  • jeep safari  
        Feedback de Tours.
     The activities are elaborated for a better contact with the flora and fauna, as well as birds and mammals of many species.

The Pantanal horse is a genetic adaptation of the Andalucian horses brought by the Spanish on the 16th. Able to eat flooded grasses on keeping oxygen into his huge lung, the horses are the most versatile way to explore the World’s largest wetland, through areas that neither by feet nor by canoe could be trespassed. we named the Pantanal horse as ‘Low & Slow’ and 90% of our travelers have their alive first horse experience here, which makes it even more unforgettable.

In silence, the walking is the activity that approach man to nature; the best way to observe birds and to photograph the wildlife. This permits observation of many birds’ nests, monkeys, rodents and other mammals. Some of the trails are close to the lodges and are reached by feet. Other trails are reached  only by horse

Night walking spotting wildlife: you may track animals by nocturnal behavior and exploring the mysterious of the night Pantanal.


Note: All tours described above will be performed in accordance with the package closed, being organized by the Hotel and scheduled according to the weather / time.

Please help us to conserve the nature, the environment, animal kingdom will thank you.