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Pantanal Eco trips specialized in Ecotourism to best places in Pantanal /Bonito with high quality service and competitive prices. Ronaldo’s company owner organizes such trips since 2000 for groups, and individual’s independent travelers, jaguar spotters, campers, biologist, photographers, and nature lovers.

I am able with my team to provide you the best spot, after many years working I set up my own company.

My experience as Eco tour Guide – (English/Spanish) interpreter– tour organizer – travel agent, spending for different situations in tourism will be useful to our customer to provide the best of our destination of such region in Brazil that we are full of knowledge to our traveler visitor from all over in to the world. We have partnership with the best and reliable folks in to the region.

Our main goal is to introduce this marvelous amazing paradise of our enormous country (Brazil) and make your trip unforgettable, we are sure one hundred for cent that our services, and the landscapes that you face will correspond your expectations with our management during your Pantanal Eco trip.

With us you don’t waste your time looking for Hotels, transfer, guide or trip, we offer the exactly itinerary according your style, planned Taylor made, once you arrive in Campo Grande/Cuiaba we may provide you all items necessary to make you Pantanal Eco trips practical cause you are on vacation the your concern is our pick.

We are registered with Cadastur VIEW CERTIFICATE which means Brazilian authority are aware of our actions, working with Ecological sustainability despite the name we also organize another Brazilian destinations, mostly of our customers are from abroad that we respect no matter of race, religion or sexual orientation or free thinkers , all that we ask you bring your heart in peace and be a nature lover.

It will be an honor to be your host in our region each enquiry will carefully analyzed and alternatives will offer according your scheduled time and been practical avoiding you waste time and money as we’ve been doing all these years.

Companies, events that I worked and travel books feedbacks:
Pantanal Viagens e turismo ex-sales Manager Source: Fodor's Brazil CLICK HERE.

Guidance in Pantanal Northern - Guidance in Pantanal southern and Northern.

Shoestring - from Netherlands - as tour conductor travelling among many cities in Brazil;

Ambiental expedições and many others - as Interpreter- guide leading in English and Spanish.

International meeting of tourism business Campo Grande / Bonito.

NNew bus terminal Campo Grande Master Tour office manager.

Peking express – Hitch hiking.

Guidance in Southern Pantanal and Bonito region as interpreter also. Source: Petit Futé CLICK HERE;

PANTANAL ENTRANCE RIO DA PRATA GUIDANCE big_12705158_428704600667451_1480388082695990779_n big_12733483_10153959659778824_7780815822631511243_n 21192028_139288210015381_1987053796575762604_n.jpg big_163536_106089252928989_131262716_n big_942261_106082766262971_85368187_n group_shoestring__back_from_buzios_to_rio group_shoestring_in_copacabana_tour_leader rio_da_prata_guidance ronaldo photo 21192028_139288210015381_1987053796575762604_n 21231263_139685183309017_1358350271468269143_n 21231741_139685376642331_6277647264178832631_n 21231845_139288153348720_5530109720577389600_n 21271301_139685266642342_8110646109372213832_n IMG-20170805-WA0003 IMG-20170805-WA0008 IMG-20170805-WA0015 IMG-20170805-WA0016 IMG-20170805-WA0020 PANTANAL ENTRANCE RIO DA PRATA GUIDANCE big_12705158_428704600667451_1480388082695990779_n big_12733483_10153959659778824_7780815822631511243_n big_163536_106089252928989_131262716_n big_942261_106082766262971_85368187_n group_shoestring__back_from_buzios_to_rio group_shoestring_in_copacabana_tour_leader rio_da_prata_guidance ronaldo photo

The Pantanal Eco-Trips specializes in different types of itineraries and tours in the lush region of Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul and in the North Pantanal complex (Cuiabá) and South Pantanal (Campo Grande) Mato Grosso do Sul. We work with best Eco-Lodges destinations, with experienced bilingual guides, and with all the experience to make your trip unforgettable.

Our team consists of teams highlighted in Bonito, Campo Grande MS and Cuiabá MT, in addition to our management team located in the metropolitan region of Campinas, providing all the logistical support and flexibility to make your own trip according to your taste and your family.

We have several pre-defined scripts on our site, with ecological destinations so you can choose the option that best suits your taste and lifestyle. still we work with the possibility of creating custom packages, giving you total freedom and support to choose their own script.

If there is any destination or service not listed on this site you would like to buy, we will get it for you. The Pantanal Eco Trips offers a service that allows the traveler to decide their own route and times without being forced to use the pre-set travel packages. We are highly specialized in the creation and execution of tailored programs, offering individual programs tailored to their wishes. Each application will be reviewed independently by our experienced staff, fluent in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

All our tours are based on ecological sustainability.

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"Bonito" - could not be so appropriate name for this region of such natural wealth. Located in the central western part of...

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The Pantanal is one of the most valuable natural heritage of Brazil. It has several routes of rides that are at your fingertips!


You customer Pantanal Eco Trips has a unique channel to take all doubts packages for you to have your style!